We do firearm transfers – $20 for Handguns & Lowers,
$5 for each additional Handgun or Lower (2nd & 3rd) when received ON THE SAME ORDER.
ALL Long Guns are $25.

What We Need From You

** Please do not order a handgun, lower receiver or AR style rifle
unless you already have a MN permit
(purchase or carry)

and valid MN ID or MN DL.
(Please check exp. dates)
** Please send us an email with the sellers name & email address or fax #
Include an order # or auction # if applicable.
** Please include your name, phone # and a brief description of the firearm.
** We will call you when the gun is in and unpacked/logged in.
** You will be expected to take all
shipping & packing materials.
** Please pick up your transfer within
3 business days after arrival.
** PLEASE do not call to see if your transfer is in. We will call you when it’s ready.
** Some handguns are not legal for dealers to sell in MN including
Phoenix, Raven, Jimenez, Jennings, Cobra, Heritage 22 revolvers (except steel frame).
If these are sent to us we will have to return them to seller at your expense.

Thank you.

Mon-Thurs 10am – 7pm

Fri 10am-6pm   |   Sat 10am-4pm

Closed Sundays

12280 Zinran Ave

Savage, MN 55378