We do firearm transfers – $20 for Handguns & Lowers,
$5 for each additional Handgun or Lower (2nd & 3rd) when received ON THE SAME ORDER.
Effective April 1st, ALL Long Guns are $25.

What We Need From You
** Please do not order a handgun, lower receiver or AR style rifle unless you already have a MN permit (purchase or carry)
and valid MN ID or MN DL.(Please check exp. dates)
** Please send us an email with the sellers name & email address or fax #
Include an order # or auction # if applicable.
** Please include your name, phone # and a brief description of the firearm.
** We will call you when the gun is in and unpacked/logged in.
** You will be expected to take all shipping & packing materials.
** Please pick up your transfer within 3 business days after arrival.
** PLEASE do not call to see if your transfer is in. Thank you.

M-Th 10am - 7pm
Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 10am-4pm
12280 Zinran Ave
Savage, MN 55378